Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Heroin addicts cost society £850,000 each, police warn

Top officers warned of the increasing cost of drug-ravaged society with hundreds of millions is being spent on the increasing number of addicts.
Chief Superintendent Mark Mathias from South Wales Police said: "Each addict can cost society not far off £850,000.
"You work through all the treatment, all the criminal justice issues that arise - then you see a significant costs involved."
Police in Swansea have launched a £500,00 clampdown in the city known as the "heroin capital of Wales" where officers have seized 1,000 "deals" in the last two weeks.
Superintendent Phil Davies said: "Some of these drug dealers have stated they are untouchable.
"My message to them is there is no hiding place, we will find you, we will catch you and we will put you behind bars."
Addict Amy Protheroe, 20, who has been an addict since she was 13 has just started her fifth treatment programme in Swansea.
She said: "When you're a heroin addict you wake up and you think straight away: "Where am I going to get money from, where am I going to score from?'"
"You get up, you go out, you get the money for the heroin, you buy the heroin, you do the heroin and then it starts all over again.
"To be honest, heroin has wrecked my life."

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