Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Man Finds A Dead Bird in His Supermarket Salad!

A man in Somerset, England was horrified to find a dead bird in his pre-packaged supermarket salad bag after laying the contents out on the dinner table for his family to eat.
A shriek from his girlfriend alerted him to the sight of a skeletal, decomposing, dead bird hidden among the green, leafy vegetables, almost obscured from sight. But the picture below tells the tale.

The brand is from a UK manufacturer, called Tesco, but the packaged salad is of a type most consumers around the world are familiar with and have come to rely on for convenience. Although this incident happened in the UK, it's entirely possible that a similar incident could happen in the US as well.
The manufacturer and the supermarket manager have reportedly apologized to the man, but it's not clear if they are owning up to the fact that the dead bird escaped the inspection process. Consumers have been known to stage these kind of incidents, looking to milk a big company settlement. Tesco has promised a thorough investigation.
In the meantime, consumers would be wise to check the contents of supermarket salad bags thoroughly as this extreme example is only one way for contaminants to get in to unsuspecting buyers' food supply.

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