Friday, 28 October 2011

Schools Warn Of Bracelets Used To Smoke Pot

Orange County school administrators are worried about a new bracelet that students may be using to conceal drug paraphernalia used to smoke marijuana.
The district sent administrators and principals a letter along with pictures of the suspicious bracelets. They look like any other bracelets, but when Local 6 showed parents what was inside, they were stunned.
"This is scary because this is promoting drugs even earlier on," said Kathy Barbay, who has been teaching 21 years and has never seen anything like the bracelets.Even her daughter, Lauren, who is a senior in high school, was amazed at the clever new way to conceal drug equipment."If I saw that on one of my friends, I would not think twice about it," said Lauren. "Honestly, it's smart. They would have never figured it out."School administrators have already developed a punishment plan. If a student has one, they could be suspended. And if they have one that's been used for drugs, they could be expelled. But that policy comes with some concern."Whose responsibility is it going to be to look for this? Is it going to be the teacher's responsibility," asked Barbay. "And then, what do you do about the kids that have it on or its planted on them and they don't even know what it's for? Then you're punishing some students who truly may not understand what they're wearing, and this could get in the hands of younger kids and then you have a whole other problem."So far, OCPS has not punished any student for having the bracelet.Barbay teaches in a private high school and after seeing the bracelet plans on warning all the private schools as well.

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