Friday, 30 September 2011

Stealth Technology Protects More Than Military Aircraft

What is ADAPTIV stealth technology? Well, it's still pretty much a secret, but not for long.
After the details broke of the assassination of Osama bin Laden, it was revealed that one of the military choppers used in the raid had to be left behind. Commandos set explosives on its useless hulk and tried to blow it away, but enough was left over to prove a startling fact: stealth tech is being used for much more than billion dollar bombers.
In some ways the tidbit got more press than the mission itself. If a helicopter could be cloaked, what else can this ADAPTIV technology be used for?

It turns out that a defense contractor called BAE is developing stealth technology for tanks and APCs as well. And, they were kind enough to post a video on YouTube!
Have a look and be amazed. The only question left is: how long until this stuff falls into the hands of civilians? Taxi cab drivers especially should be interested. No more fines for not picking up "undesirables" on the way back to midtown!

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