Friday, 2 December 2011

Gay security guard wins compensation after colleagues write 'mincer' on high-vis jacket

Keith Morgan, who worked at Sunwin Cash Management - a company tasked with moving money around the country and filling up ATMs - quit his job this summer after complaining that co-workers constantly poked fun at him because of his sexuality.
The 39-year-old started his job at the firm, which is owned by the Co-operative Group, at its Aylesford depot in Kent in 2008.
He stayed in the job for three years, but claimed that his colleagues discriminated against him and that he was 'subjected to homophobic abuse...which escalated into a hate campaign'.
Mr Morgan, of Chatham, was due to appear at an employment tribunal claiming discrimination and unfair dismissal this week, but decided to accept an out of court settlement from the company before it started.
Mr Morgan said he could not speak about the case due to conditions of his agreement with Sunwin.
A spokesman for Sunwin said it had no comment.

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